how to disable embedded youtube junk

General Problem and Solution

When you click to pause a youtube video embedded in a web article, an annoying barrage of junk in the form of "More Videos" shows up, making it inconvenient to unpause the video.

Youtube video with junk

Even when collapsed, a small piece of junk remains:
Youtube video with junk collapsed

But there is an easy solution. If your browser, such as Firefox, supports uBlock Origin or a similar ad blocking extension, you can block the ytp-pause-overlay class, and it will all go away:
Youtube video with no junk

Step-By-Step in uBlock Origin

Click to go to your uBlock Origin dashboard:
Link to uBlock Origin Dashboard

You should probably make sure I am an advanced user is checked:
uBlock Origin Dashboard

Go to My filters, add ##.ytp-pause-overlay to it, and click Apply Changes:

uBlock Origin Dashboard

And you're done!

Note that the double hash (##) without a URL before it indicates that the class should be blocked on any site where a youtube video may be embedded. Also note that youtube may change their CSS at any time, this article was last updated on 2020 July 23.